Bishop TL Penny

tlpennyDr. T. La’trell Penny has an immense love for G-d’s Word coupled with an unswerving love for God’s people. Having received her mandate from God, Dr. Penny, dutifully executes her calling as Senior Pastor of Shabach World Cathedral, Inc. located in Sumter, South Carolina and Visionary of The COVENANT International Fellowship of Businesses & Ministries Inc. it is a flourishing ministry in which the broken are being mended, the barren are being restored, and the sick are being healed.Under the shepherding of Dr. Penny, on March 17, 2007, Shabach procured 5 acres of commercial property and paid it off in less than a year, then The Lord blessed again, and on July 13, 2010, Shabach was gifted $1.2 million dollars for the purchase of the former Walmart in their city, excited, but in tune with the mouth of God, Dr.Penny heard from God and was obedient when he told her to SELL IT, Shabach sold that property in November 2012 to bring about the vision of building God’s house Debt-free! On May 2nd, 2014 Shabach completed the construction of their new facility.

From homelessness to abundance, this General of the Gospel is a powerfully, anointed theological story teller who preaches and teaches the Word of G-d with profound authority and prolific passion. As a distinguished ecclesiastical prognosticator, her precise yet eccentric delivery of the Word of G-d reaches the hearts of laity and leadership throughout the country. Dr. Penny has changed the lives of many through such messages as “The Autopsy is Over, Now Bury It”, “Samuel is Coming”, and “Deadly Distractions”, just to name a few. An avid student of the Word of God, Dr. Penny holds several earned degrees, A Bachelor of biblical studies, Master of arts in historical theology and a PhD. in Theology. In 2002 Dr. Penny launched the 'ELIJAH PROJECT' that feeds hundreds of people every year and throughout the year, she is the visionary of 'THE CHANGING POINT' a program that equips individuals ages 21 & up that have never completed high school to realize their dream of receiving their high school diplomas. In 2011 Dr. Penny was named one of Sumter,SC's top 30 Women leaders of excellence award by the Social Justice consortium and was featured in Gospel Today Magazine as one of the 7 DYNAMIC "40 something" LEADERS in our Country. In 2012 She was highlighted in as a RELEVANT female voice within the body of Christ, She's been a guest on TBN, TCT Live as well as The WORD Network. She is also the Author of her new book entitled 'APenny4yourthoughts' ; A singer,songwriter and musician, Dr. Penny released her first ever single in 2001 entitled 'USHER ME' an anointed project that touches the heart of the worshiper !

On Feb 2, 2013, Dr. Penny moved by the violence in and around our Country, Did something that had never been done in her city before, she rented out the entire Movie theater and gathered the city along with political figures, breaking the dividing lines of denominational and ethnic barriers, uniting every one with a 'heartbeat' together THAT DAY for a day of Prayer, WLTX TV News channel 19 picked it up and aired it that night. With a ministry that encompasses the Prophetic anointing along with the demonstration of Signs and wonders, this Powerful Woman of God is transforming lives and making a major impact within the Body of Christ in this hour! Truly, we know that "God is definitely up to something”, and for this we salute this General, Dr. T. L. Penny!!!